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In this space we talk about hard things. In this space we talk about things most people won’t. But I can promise you this, everything here will be covered in the love of Jesus. He brings light to the darkness, and calls us to do the same.


Your stories are all too familiar so your words hit me in a very personal way. Thank you for your honesty, bravery, and for giving a voice to a population that had their voices stolen by abuse and degradation.

Amanda B.

I’m so glad this information is being shared…I have four precious grandchildren that are foster kids …. we’re praying their adoptions will be finalized soon but everything is at a standstill because of the quarantine. How close to the Father’s heart is the care of these little ones! May we each do more to rescue them!

Marianne K.

This line will stay with me:

“And the only people who will be mad at you for setting boundaries will be the people who benefited from you having none in the first place.”

My husband tells me this truth about my extended family, but to hear you say it this way was powerful to me.

Thank you so much.

Erin O.


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