Learning To Be Loved After Childhood Trauma

I happened to marry a guy who had a childhood completely free of abuse. When we were dating, I began sharing my story with him and I watched him look at me in shock. Beautifully, even though we had such different childhood experiences, we both wanted the same things out of life, agreed on howContinue reading “Learning To Be Loved After Childhood Trauma”

For The Christian Who STILL Wrestles With Mental Illness.

You would NEVER look at a first responder with a limp or a missing limb or a wound and think “you have no value, you shouldn’t be here.” Yet we are walking with invisible wounds, living inside them everyday, and we tell ourselves the most horrible things.

People Are Usually Fine With Boundaries…As Long As They’re Temporary And You Don’t Actually Mean It.

Let’s get right to it. Even in the most dysfunctional families…those families where the cops get called to every gathering…family members generally accept boundaries, so long as they’re temporary, and don’t last longer than what the group deems acceptable. Your brother might punch you in the face and you might not talk to him forContinue reading “People Are Usually Fine With Boundaries…As Long As They’re Temporary And You Don’t Actually Mean It.”

The Stories We Tell & The People Who Wound Us

I’m very careful about the stories I tell here. Primarily, because I know that sharing my stories will harm people I love dearly. I stick to generalities. Don’t give names. Rarely even refer to specific people. NEVER give descriptions.

10 Things Healthy People Do When They Love A Toxic Person

I could probably write an entire chapter as an intro to the blog post, but I won’t. Everyone has difficult people in their lives. And if you haven’t yet, you certainly will. Unfortunately, toxic people are easy to find, although they don’t always come off as toxic at first.

Listen To Your Gut.

I’m gonna tell you a little story inspired by my friend’s post today at Therapy For Black Men. When my husband and I were dating, I would commonly take a back road from his house to mine. The highway wound through the foothills along the Cascade Mountains north of Seattle and connected both our houses.Continue reading “Listen To Your Gut.”

6 Signs Your Abuser Hasn’t Changed At All

I’m gonna drive right into this list, but before I do, I want to preface it with something to keep in mind. Remember, that you can read all the blogs and watch all the YouTube videos, but at the end of the day, only you know your story. And each video and blog is fromContinue reading “6 Signs Your Abuser Hasn’t Changed At All”

Child Abuse Is The Social Justice Issue We’ve All Been Overlooking

I listened to a podcast today that talked about how, in the Bible, there is no concept of separate justice issues. There is only JUSTICE and INJUSTICE. Preach!  When you start talking about injustice, child abuse doesn’t really jump to the forefront of your mind. Because it hides in plain sight, and like a deadly bacteriaContinue reading “Child Abuse Is The Social Justice Issue We’ve All Been Overlooking”