Hi! I’m Alicia.

I started “She Writes It Plain” on the floor of my living room at midnight in December 2017. And my hands were shaking, because I was finally doing it. I was finally gonna start a blog. And I waded through WordPress and domain names and I figured it out (sorta).

I wanted to do something I was seeing so little of: I felt called to step into this gap between “BOLDLY SPEAKING TRUTH” and “HUMBLY ALLOWING GOD TO DO HIS MIGHTY WORK”.

So, I just…started. It was time. And I felt God moving inside of me.

That first month, the words just poured. I posted every other day and all the words that had been caught inside me me just burst out into the world.

And I knew, God was working. And I knew, I was just along for the ride. I knew what he was doing was going to change everything.


This entire journey has been an honor and a privilege.

During the in-between times I write, I am also a pastors wife and mama, homeschooler and small business owner, and work for a marketing company. Phew! If that sounds exhausting to you, it is! My hope is to one day write and speak at a pace that is both healthy for my body and for my family.

We live on an island in the PNW, and I love decorating my home and making it my own.

My house is always a mess, even though I try desperately to keep up with all the chores. I’ve loved murder mysteries since I was 10, bird-watched as a child, and I am an avid reader who also crochets. (Basically, I was born to be an old lady!) #oldladiesrock

I struggle with depression and anxiety. I’m a childhood abuse survivor, suicide survivor, and a living example of what can happen in a young persons life when The Church steps up to love well.

I am deeply passionate about coffee, truth, justice, Jesus, my hubby and kids…gardening, AND THAI FOOD!!!!

Johnny is basically the sweetest, most hilarious guy you’ve ever met and we’ve been married 9.5 years! We had one of those amazing, whirlwind romances where you go crazy and lose your mind for about 18 months. It was the best! He was my first boyfriend and I FELL HARD! “Love drunk” is a real thing, people!

I told him on our second date that I was naming my first son Bear and I don’t think he believed me. #iknowwhatiwantok

Bear is our oldest (told you I wanted to name my first son Bear.) He’s 7 and has lost so many teeth we can’t keep track. Also. Minecraft.

Harbor is 4 and his spirit animal is Curious George (super cute, super naughty, super never stops moving). Harbor told me last week that he’s never actually fallen asleep…he’s just been pretending dis ho time. #lies

Mercy is 2, and we get a kick out of her sass but she’s also the most likely of our kids to curl up on your lap and fall asleep.

If you want to hear more of my story about growing up in an abusive home and eventually going No Contact with my abusers, you can read more HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and many blessings to you!

I’m honored to have so many people walking this journey alongside me.

I truly hope you find my writing enormously encouraging, full of truth and boldness, and I pray you it teaches you to see God even in your brokenness. And also, that you discover a space where it is possible to speak out against the injustice of abuse while still honoring God, yourself, and even those who abused you.

If you’re here, you are already a survivor! And there is much joy ahead for you as you forge a new path for yourself, with Jesus Christ as your guide. He is the one who walks ahead of us, alongside, behind.