Forced Vaccination for All: Freedom vs. Coercion

We keep being told we have a choice. We keep hearing that word…”choice”, but I don’t think it means what the MSM thinks it means.

Taking away someone’s freedoms over and over until they comply is NOT choice. It is, in fact, the opposite of choice.

We’ve been told we “need to reach herd immunity” and get to “80% vaccination rates” – we have in most places…so herd immunity either works or it doesn’t. Seems like it doesn’t.

Many hospitals have reported over a 99% vaccination rate. So why do they care about 1%? Even 5-10%? We know employers, the CDC and FDA and NIH, and the government don’t care about natural immunity, even though natural immunity is far better and longer lasting than vaccine-induced immunity. These organizations have refused basic science. They merely want compliance.

Here’s the thing about freedom…it only bothers the people who want to take it away from you. Of course, these people won’t call it “taking away your freedom”…no, no, no…they will call it something else. They will call it “science” or “morality” or “ethics” or “job security”. They would never call it what it actually is. This is what abusers do.

Step one: change the terminology. Step two: ignore science, data, facts, and common sense in order to gain control. Step three: make anyone who doesn’t comply look crazy. Step four: tell people “it’s for their own good”.

ALL abusers follow patterns of behaviour. Abuse IS a pattern of behaviour. And it works…that is why it keeps happening.

All abusers want the same thing. All abusers want control. Some take it a step further and want worship.

Voluntary consent is STILL the foundation of medical ethics. Whether or not the government says so.

Governments are wrong all. the. time.

Doctor’s cannot legally or ethically force a patient to consent to anything.

A doctor cannot force someone to even so much as drink water, let alone inject a substance into their bodies in order to live as free subjects in a republic.

A doctor can’t even force someone to be given CPR for heaven’s sake.

Whether or not someone is vaccinated has NO BEARING on the health of others. The flu vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission or infection. Neither does the tDap. And yet those with vaccination feel comfortable to travel to places like Mexico – a developing nation – for vacation, and yet they don’t feel safe going to the doctor because 5% of the people there might not be vaccinated? Give me a break.

Fear is now the second largest contributor to hospitalization and death from covid. And who is pushing the fear? Not the “anti-vaxxers”…it’s the ones “following the science”.

We literally live in a world where more people are dying of covid complications due to fear than they are of diabetes or heart disease.

Who’s killing people now?

It doesn’t matter if you disagree with someone’s choice. It only matters that they have the freedom to make their choices.

Freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Coercion: the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.

Coercion Has No Place in a Republic

As Americans we have the right to total bodily autonomy and freedom. We have the right to believe in and consent to any medical interventions we may or may not want.

The government should never have the power to tell someone that they can no longer provide for their families if they do not submit to a medical procedure. How disturbing is that?

Our Founding Father’s acknowledged a basic truth that has set America apart from every other country on earth: our rights do not come from the government, they come from God. This fact does not change in the face of illness or fear.

I implore you to consider the weight of what so many are proposing we give up. The foundation of this argument is simple…should the government and private employers have the right to force people to consent to medical procedures, especially to procedures still in testing, in order to care for and provide for their families?

Published by Alicia Dean

Truth seeker and story-teller.

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