You Are Not Too Damaged. You Are Not Broken Beyond Repair: God Is Enough!

I hear it and read it all the time. But mostly I see it: people who have barricaded themselves inside walls built by trauma, lies, fear.

It doesn’t mater who built these walls.

What matters is that the walls are still standing.

And sometimes I think we actually repair these walls around us. We reinforce the structures because it hurts too much to chip away at them. It hurts too much to tear them down.

Here is what I’m telling you: if you believe you are too much for God to fix, you’ve already released the transformational power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Lies. Are. Powerful.

And no one but God gets the final say.

You aren’t too much. Your story isn’t either.

When you are overwhelmed by your story, GOD IS NOT!

You aren’t the exception. There IS no exception for God. Exceptions and God cannot co-exist.

God is not shaking his head over you. Crying because he doesn’t know what to do. Seeking outside counsel over the complexities of your horrible decisions, the outcome of your life choices, the sheer number of your personal problems.

If you’re too much for God, he isn’t very big at all.

You aren’t stuck. You’re free.

If you’ve been abandoned, shamed, molested, raped, hit, hurt, assaulted, manipulated or abused in any way, it is not your fault. It doesn’t matter. There are no exceptions based on past history. There is no scream too loud. No trauma too dark. No anguish too much.

If God can sit in the dark with lions. If he can stand amongst the blue-orange coals of a furnace. If he can save a so-called worthless woman with a red cloth in a stone window. If he can raise the dead. If he can quake the earth underneath the death of his own body…

If he can raise up a Church amid the ruble of a barbaric empire. If he can sit beside the plagued. If he can inspire hymns of truth and raise up leaders to end slavery. If he can silence an army and bring hope inside of death camps and cause children to be born and reverse cancer and heal spines and source Forgiveness for the unfathomable… then he is CAPABLE of healing YOU!

GOD CAN HEAL YOU!!!!!!! Make you new. Transform you.

This isn’t about claiming some vague promise. This is about believing that God is capable of healing you and also KNOWING that your healing is for his glory and his alone, whatever it looks like and whatever he chooses to heal this side of heaven. It points to him. It is all for him and for his people to witness.

Never have I heard so many stories of healing as I have within the walls of The Church. Never have I witnessed lives changed forever like the ones I’ve seen marked by Jesus. Miracles like this simply do not happen elsewhere.

Fact: God is Infinite. He stands outside of time and space.

Fact: God did not design your body or your soul to endure sin. Sin is literally what kills us.

Fact: All sin affects the body and the soul. Abuse and Trauma are sins that deeply affect the body and soul because their aim is to destroy and, ultimately, kill you as quickly as possible. (Ponder this…it might actually blow your mind!)

Fact: There is only ONE remedy for sin. Jesus.

Fact: The Holy Spirit is God inside you.

Fact: God is not afraid that your brokenness is too much for him. LET. HIM. HEAL. YOU.

Remember how CS Lewis put it? We are not a body. We are a soul. We have a body.

If we want to heal our souls we will not find lasting healing outside of everlasting sources. Your true healing begins the day you realize that this world cannot satisfy your longing for wholeness.

Who better to heal you than the Healer who designed you?

Published by Alicia Dean

Truth seeker and story-teller.

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