When the Doubters Come Knocking (After You’ve Cut Contact With an Abuser)

When you start healing and becoming more emotionally and spiritually healthy, you’ll find a fair amount of kickback along the road you’re traveling.

If someone you admire, someone who loves you and wants the absolute BEST for YOU, pulls you aside and offers correction…listen. Those are the people you SHOULD listen to. Wise people. Kind people. Truth loving people.

But mostly, MOSTLY, you’ll find unhealthy people are the ones who disagree with your boundaries. These people may not fully understand. But they also don’t usually ask to hear your story. Often, they’ve been stuck in the abusive cycle too.

If you’re asking for grace and understanding, give it also. No one. NO ONE has to agree with you if the Holy Spirit has given you clear direction.

And also. Take a good hard look at the people challenging your boundaries. You will more than likely find a pattern of dull or broken marriages, harsh parenting, severed friendships, unhealthy relationships with their grown children, a lack of passion for the gospel, legalism, immaturity, depression and anxiety, addiction, spiritual immaturity, a lack of boundaries in their own life, pride, sexual addictions, and an inability to wisely confront sin.

Love these people. Be an example. Point them toward Jesus and Holiness and Humility. Strive for wholeness.

Perhaps you were created for such a time as this…perhaps you being the FIRST to step out in faith and boldly say, “Enough!” is exactly what God had for you. Perhaps, God does know after all just what he is doing.

Published by Alicia Dean

Truth seeker and story-teller.

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