9 Reasons Why Emotional Abuse Is Designed to Crush You

1. Because emotional abuse targets your soul and your personhood and your value.

2. Because emotional abuse hides in plain sight: there are no bruises.

3. Because the PURPOSE of emotional abuse is to inflict SHAME. And shame is often the underlying cause of depression, perfectionism, anxiety, fear, lack of self confidence, and even obsessive compulsive disorders and addiction.

4. Because emotional abuse causes you to doubt yourself and question yourself, you often downplay it, and it wrecks you from the inside out.

5. Because it’s all LIES. And the goal of a lie is to cover up the truth.

6. Because words can bring death. And standing there behind all those victims of suicide resides a stack of lies they believed. I believed them too, for the better part of a decade. And I almost lost my life to those lies.

7. Because emotional abuse can come at you so unexpectedly. It’s not like a punch you can see coming. It’s like a patch of black ice.

8. Because emotionally abusive people are deeply manipulative. Like DEEP. As in…so manipulative that nearly every word they speak is some sort of rouse or lie or worse, a half-truth.

9. Because, usually, you love the person who emotionally abuses you.

And this is the toughest one.

But just because you love someone doesn’t make them safe.

Just because someone is nice most of the time and then detrimental when you least expect it, doesn’t make them a “nice person”. It makes them a really good liar.

You are valuable simply because you exist. And that is it. Simply because you are here and you have breath in your lungs and a soul in your body makes you infinitely precious.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Published by Alicia Dean

Truth seeker and story-teller.

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