Finding a Life You Love

Several years ago, I read this quote, “It’s ok to live a calm life.” I loved those words so much that I typed them up and printed them out and placed them in a frame, and there they lived for the next three years, on the wall beside my bookshelves. I never once moved that quote.

When you spend the better part of two decades learning how to live unseen, spreading your wings out into the wide, wide world is just about the bravest thing. It can actually be terrifying. But you will never regret bravery.

This is the part when you go from fearful to hesitant-curiosity. This is when you dare to believe that your identity rests somewhere beyond the mess of all you’ve ever known.

Listen. No one gets to place a price on your head: your value was determined the instant you were conceived. And it is infinite.

Across all of time, all of history, out of every country…here your soul rests. Deep inside YOU. And sometimes you can even feel it, can’t you?

Finding a life you LOVE is more like building a home on a foundation…and that foundation is everything.

If your identity isn’t foundationally determined on something eternal and good, everything will crumble…no matter what – life can’t thrive on temporary.

Go and find the life you love…

Choose to live like God himself actually created you for joyous and eternal things…