3 Quick Tips For Combating Anxiety

I didn’t know I had anxiety until a year ago. Can you even believe that??? That heavy feeling on your chest? That quick beating of your heart? The fear that can just overwhelm you? Yeah. That…

I had anxiety all growing up and did not know what I was experiencing had a name.

Honestly, if you were one of my dearest friends, and you were struggling with anxiety, I would instantly clear time to have you over for coffee and we would talk and laugh and probably cry at some point.

Because you know what? I so get it.

Here are three things I literally do every. single. day. that help me enormously.

  1. SUPPLEMENT – I take THREE supplements that help me drastically. I take a B-complex, plant-based vitamin. I take a lemon-raspberry magnesium supplement that you mix into water. And I keep a small herbal supplement handy called Rescue Remedy (think concentrated tea). You can buy all three of these supplements on Amazon. I even give magnesium to my boys before bed to help them sleep. Sometimes, your body just needs a little boost to help your nervous system calm.
  2. LEARN TO SAY NO graciously and kindly. If you don’t say no for yourself, chances are no one else with either. Be kind to yourself. Busyness is a HUGE anxiety compounder, and you need time to take care of your body and your relationships and your home and all the things that matter most to you.
  3. GO OUTSIDE! Go for a walk. Dig in the dirt. Plant some flowers or herbs or carrots. If it is raining and super nasty outside, open the doors and let all that delicious fresh air inside for a while and just stand there and soak it all in…

I have learned the past two years that sometimes our body adjusts and heals and learns at a different rate than our souls. It is a strange thing to realize and even more strange to live through.

Be kind to yourself. Take a deep breath. And go be an advocate for your own life.

I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines…

Published by Alicia Dean

Truth seeker and story-teller.

3 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips For Combating Anxiety

  1. Great suggestions! I’ve had some anxiety in my life but after my daughter was born it got really bad and I’m still struggling with it almost 4 years later.


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